A True Adventure Story!
(A Deadly Path To Treasure

This 295 page Flash Drive/Book also features over 164 color photos and can be read on any computer. I am now offering my book on a Flash Drive because so many Laptops don't have a Disc Drive. Price $10.00 plus $2.00 shipping. (USA ONLY. All out of country orders, please contact me at captbmoran@aol.com.) Includes autographed copy of the photo on home page.  Click on PayPal to order.   
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Capt. Bob Moran's,  " A Deadly Path To Treasure ",  has something for everyone. Do recounts of cold war intrigue interest you? Does being a political pawn after being washed up on Castro's shore grip you? How about flying fast  aircraft by the seat of the pants on normal and somewhat dubious missions? Have you ever read a first person account of how the fastest draw walked away to tell the story?

 The above stories and many more are laced throughout the book. Oh, I didn't mention the quest and discovery of TREASURE, sunken treasure, the real thing. Capt. Moran is more than a treasure hunter, he is a treasure finder. His book is the latest installment of books being written that convey the work, play, frustrations, rewards, and the heartbreaks associated with the search and discovery of the doomed 1622 fleet sister galleons " Nuestra Senora de Atocha " and the " Santa Margarita ", located near the magic island of Key West, Fl.

 The book is well written, and hard to leave unattended until finished. The photographs are as remarkable as the stories themselves. The CD format is unique and easier to read. I liked adjusting the fonts to a larger size and supersizing the pictures. When I joined Treasure-Salvors I missed meeting Capt. Moran by just a few months. I heard legendary stories about him from the crew. I finally met Bob in 2010. When he told us he was working on his book we all prodded him over the last year to get it done. It was worth waiting so long to meet him, and it was well worth waiting for the book. It is another link to the puzzle as to what Treasure Salvors Inc. really was! This belongs in your library. They are stories of a giant, written by a humble man.

How about Volume 2 Capt. Bob?    Randy " Hambone " Barnhouse.


 Just in from sea Bob. Read your book while I was digging holes on the Atocha. I really enjoyed your life story and what a life it has been. Enjoyed seeing you when you were here. Andy Matroci


Bob, Received the book/CD today and did a quick speed read.  Need to go back at my leisure and do a proper job of reading it. Really enjoyed your writing style. Clean, no bull shit or artifices. Bill Diaz


Bob, I had 3 long airplane flights this week and read your book on my Kindle (converted it to a .mobi file…but some of the pictures didn’t convert).  What a great story…and what an adventurous life you’ve had.  It must have been very entertaining, after the fact, to mull over some of those situations you were in…easy to laugh about them after the fact!!!  Anyway, you’ve made a great contribution to the history of Treasure Salvors…and I appreciate that (so will many others).  I will add this to my website tomorrow and send a general email to the entire Sunken Treasure Book Club.   OK if I send out your address???? Anyway, congratulations on a great work!!!! Dave Crooks


Capt. Bob Moran’s book,‘A Deadly Path To Treasure’, is an insight to an incredible life of which most people only dream about. The author puts the reader in the first person as they flip page after page. This is a marvelous read which should be in any armchair treasure enthusiast’s or seasoned treasure hunter’s library. Curtis William Erling White


Great book Bob. An easy read. What a life story. You are an original member of "The Wild Bunch"! A must read for any Atocha buff too. Bill Pearson


"Bob just finished reading it and I must say you have led such an interesting life. I had no idea you had gone through so many adventures. Thanks for the read." Karen Hargreaves


This is one of the best books I've ever read.  Joy Warshauer


Bob. This is a great read. I cannot put it down! Or should I say, turn it off. Are you (or do you) have this book in print??  Ben Costello


Bob Moran is a true adventurer, a true treasure hunter and the "Real Deal" .  "A Deadly Path to Treasure" covers the career of this truly interesting pirate, and tells the "real story" behind finding the huge Atocha treasure.  A must read for any genuine lover of adventure. Wayne Gales, Author

Okay, finished the book/DVD. I loved the color photos that are probably much easier to get in this format rather than paying for color printing in a book.
The book was extremely interesting and, I imagine, mostly true. (I have to trust you on the pre-1980 stuff)
This book not only describes the treasure hunt, it is about the treasure hunter. Bob’s life as shown here let’s everyone see what has been known to some degree all along, treasure hunters are just a little different than most people. Bob seemed to have a knack that if his life got too mundane, he was able to spice it up a little, almost to the point where he wished he hadn’t. I loved it! Laney Southerly

Absolute must read for all sunken treasure hunter wannabes. Robert Moran will set your fantasies on fire and reveal the sometimes brutal truth of treasure hunting. Robert gives fantastic historical details concerning the lost Spanish Fleets. Read about the exciting discovery of the "Atocha" and "Margarita" and take a look at the bounty. Brenda Middlebrook.

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