A True Adventure Story!

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The incredible true adventures of one man that led him to be part of the richest Spanish treasure finds in the history of the New World. It's estimated that the total value of the 1715 and the 1622 Spanish Fleet treasure recoveries could approach $800 million dollars and more is still being found by divers today.

The Spanish galleons Atocha and Margarita were found in the 1980's by Mel Fisher and his "Golden Crew." The story has been the subject of numerous National Geographic print and television specials and also one major Hollywood production starring Cliff Robertson and "M.A.S.H" star Loretta Switt.

Captain Moran did the electronic magnetometer and side scan sonar search with his boat the "Plus Ultra" and flew his Grumman Widgeon seaplane and Piper Twin Comanche in air support for the search and recovery operations.

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